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“Low-code platforms enable to rapidly deliver solutions with significative impact on business efficiency.”

Increase Innovation

To remain competitive, it is essential to constantly innovate, and the following cutting-edge tools can help facilitate this process.

Operational Excellence

Achieving operational excellence requires investment in modern digital tools and ensuring that your employees are well-versed in the latest technologies.

Quick Time-to-market

 Do more with less thanks to rapid app development and deployment of new solutions and services.

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Power Platform Governance

Wait no more to become an expert in Governance and make the most out of the Power Platform. Ride the wave of low code like no other company and keep up with the latest IT trends.

How to extend the Power Apps Platform – when native components are not up for the challenge

If you are wondering how to take your IT to the next level or discussing business improvements, it’s barely impossible not to talk about the Power Apps Platform these days. It’s the best way to do more with less being a powerful set of tools that allows app makers to create low code solutions for their business needs. 


However, as powerful as it is, their native components may not be the solution for more complex challenges. In that case there are two ways to extend the Power Platform solutions: PCF and custom connectors. PCF allows developers and app makers to create code components that can be integrated into Power Apps, while custom connectors enable the use of existing APIs to easily use your systems data. Let’s dig into this. 

The Power Apps Platform  

Power Apps Platform includes a set of low code apps that empower users (app makers) to create solutions for improving their business’ needs. It has a native component that allows citizens to make remarkable things without any customization.  

When it is not possible to meet requirements with native components, one can move on to custom components to achieve the specific proposal of the project using Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) or custom connector. 


Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)

PCF empowers developers and app makers to build code components when out-of-the-box controls don’t fit the app maker’s needs, helping to create reusable components that can be integrated in Power Apps.

ALM Accelerator for Power Platform

Implementing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Power Platform apps is a crucial step towards ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality solutions that meet the needs of users while minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency. 

In this article, we will focus on the ALM Accelerator for Power Platform Apps that is already Generally Available (GA). Learn about how you can decide when to use it, about its advantages and more.

Power Platform Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a process that supports IT team delivery of consistent solutions. It’s a common process used in conventional development, and now it can be applied on Power Platform as well, improving the process in your organization in 6 steps (explained below).