Power Platform is about:
Optimizing business processes;
Bringing together the best of each application;
Empowering existing solutions to boost your business.

Power Platform is about

power platform tools
power platform tools

What is your challenge?

If this talks to you, get in touch so we can break down your challenge. It is the first step to getting it solved.


Getting the most out of the Power Platform will allow you to adapt and meet modern challenges like never before.

Keep business solutions connected and centralized

Link your data by bringing everything together for a single source of truth. Uncover insights and customize business solutions. Yep, we can do it.

Gain competitive advantage and drive growth

Low code allows you to rapidly deliver solutions with significative impact on business efficiency. Count on us to enable digital excellence and facilitate innovation within you business.

Empower employees and deliver new business outcomes

Power Platform solutions are easy-to-use and enable a culture of innovation by giving everyone the ability to create. Get in touch to know more about this.


Power Platform Governance

Find the key concepts and decision points to define a successful governance strategy for the MS Power Platform, such as:

  • The Environments’ Strategy
  • The Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Security
  • The Licensing Management


(…) and much more!

power platform governance
Packaged solutions available in Microsoft Store

Power Apps

4 weeks implementation
Stellium SA

A step-by-step methodology from MVP definition to its build and roll-out to support the execution of a process.

Power Platform

3 weeks workshop
Stellium SA

Power Platform Governance workshops to define strategy, policies, and processes.

Power Platform
Maturity Assessment

4 weeks workshops
Stellium SA

4 weeks assessment of your governance to document current situation identity threats.

Want to integrate our happy-clients portfolio using Power Apps-based solutions?

Our mission, together with your organization, is to discoverdesign and launch IT solutions that make a positive impact on your business.

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