Chatbots for businesses – a real Case Study from an international manufacturer

In less than 2 years, the chatbot market size will be worth $9.4 billion, which represents a growth rate of 29.7% compared to 2019 (according to Business Insider). And the trend is already here.

Over 60% of people have been using a chatbot in the last 12 months. We all find the small-rounded pop-ups on the corner when visiting Apps or websites, asking for interaction. But the usability of conversational chatbots goes way beyond customer support in e-commerce stores. Below is a real story on chatbots for businesses that proves just that.

Within organizations, chatbots can truly empower collaboration and employee engagement by serving as communication facilitators. By using a Chatbot-as-a-service approach, businesses can speed up their proof of concept within days and implement solutions faster, reduce the burden of specific tasks, improve workflows, and much more. 

And this is exactly what happened with our client from the manufacturing industry: by using the chatbots delivered by us, they were able to develop solutions much faster, shortening delivery times from over 3 months to up to 3 weeks and much more. 

Let us dig into this Case Study.

chatbots for businesses


The client and the context 

How can chatbots for businesses empower teams’ collaboration and engagement? 

Our client is a leading international manufacturer with +48’000 employees spread around the globe. They demand constant collaboration, knowledge sharing, and participation between themselves and the retailers they work with across 130 markets 

Within their flagship brands, they employ +119 nationalities who need to access, digest and process corporate and business information – which is a daily challenge on its own. 

Being very attentive to market trends and looking to anticipate significant issues, they are constantly in search of innovative tech solutions that enable the business to run as smoothly as possible. 

Proactively, with no specific demand, they came across business chatbots and wanted to try them with experts in the development and implementation of such. That is when Stellium stepped in – to help modernize the business and optimize new and existing internal processes.


The solution – what is particularly attractive about Chatbots for businesses?

Chatbots for businesses facilitate employees’ lives by providing easy access to corporate processes and business information, as well as increasing knowledge sharing via Q&A access. 

Other benefits include: 

  • No upfront infrastructure investment in software and training
  • Citizen development (everyone can create, install, and manage bots with low code) 
  • Build a PoC (proof-of-concept) quickly – users can view an initial Chatbot PoC and then build upon the features, based on their further specific business requirements


These have a clear impact on companies – 56% of businesses claim chatbots are driving disruption in their industry according to Accenture. Why? 

It is as simple as this: chatbots for businesses can provide a better customer experience quickly with an initial set of capabilities such as answering FAQs, collecting feedback, and more. And in today’s connected world, customers, as well as colleagues, want answers quickly. 

Also, “they are the digital co-workers who can fix the small problems that hack productivity and cost your business money. And they are the simple solutions that make work tasks a little more magic and your workflows a little less painful.” – Workplace from Meta. 


Solution Delivery – Are Chatbots taking over IT?

Stellium delivered over 15 chatbots: most of them Q&A but also integration with 3rd party (Success Factors, Workplace from Meta, Internal ERP, and integration with SharePoint). 

Those were tailor-made for our client’s employees and retailers, as well as for external websites. Everything was fully adapted and coordinated with departments such as IT security, architectures, and operations center, thus IT was comfortable with the solution being implemented. 

With this, Stellium enhanced the client’s facility to: 

  1. Provide IT with a platform to deliver virtual assistants to different business units (via a dialog builder based on canvas experience where they can set up dialogs and establish chat browsing)  
  2. Let users own and update the content and UX without code (enabling citizen development) 
  3. Add connectors to integrate with LOB systems (transactions) – such as the one on Success Factors or Workplace (Meta) 
  4. Deliver the Bots in different channels (Microsoft Teams, mobile apps, sites, and others)  


These solved (and anticipated) most of the challenges from the business units that requested this type of solution, such as IT & Security, Marketing & Sales, Legal, Corporate Communications, and Human Resources.


Featured Chatbots 

chatbots for businessesCustomer Portal Chatbot – This was developed for retailers in Germany for querying new products.

It has an average of 3000 users 

chatbots for businesses

Employee Recognition Chatbot – An award chatbot built to empower employee participation in internal nominations.

They have gone from 6K-8K nominations to 16K the year after.

chatbots for businesses   Workplace (from Meta) – this chatbot is widely used internally and enables greater communication.  Average of 300 users per day


What can we do for you? – Business improvement and modernization 

The client’s feedback on the overall delivery was that, after having Stellium involved, they could benefit from the delivery of a scalable and tailor-made product and use it without the constant assistance of IT teams. Other positive outcomes include: 

  • Having a user interface to easily create Q&As and a semi-automated process 
  • Skilled team from Stellium on customer support 
  • Possibility to integrate with other products as well as to bring external developments into the customized chatbots 


Indeed, our DNA comes from solving internal challenges and improving the life of organizations and chatbots for businesses are great to do so. Thus, if this use case speaks to you, get in touch to start your chatbot journey with us today! 

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