Web Summit wrap up – 10 great sessions and key takeaways

This was Stellium’s first year at Web Summit – the biggest tech conference in Europe – and it was quite an experience: 4 full intense days of tech-related sessions across 5 pavilions and the big Altice arena (where the main talks were hosted).

Web Summit

Our mission was clear: to learn as much as possible about the future of tech, in the areas where we deliver the greatest value to our clients – Modern Workplace, Low-Lode, Tailor-made Apps, Cloud Platforms, and Digital Marketing.

It was great to connect with existing partners and customers, as well as to expand our network across the +70.000 attendees that went to Lisbon (our second home) during the week. Well, we have not actually met all participants, but we surely spread the word about Stellium out there!

It was also great to boost Bspacy – our digital marketing agency – with the marketing manager on the field attending sessions on of the hottest topics of the conference – the future of Marketing.

In case you missed our mid-event recap on LinkedIn, here is the link for you to read about some interesting sessions we assisted on the Metaverse, Modern Workplace, and the future of SaaS. But there was more.


Our 10 top Web Summit sessions and main keywords

If we were to come up with a glossary of the main keywords used during the conference, these are the ones – mentioned by almost every speaker and attendee in the house: Web3, Metaverse, low-code / no-code, Martech, Artificial Intelligence, Data-driven, Machine Learning and User-driven (not to mention software and tools as Web Summit is still a tech-based conference).

Web SummitAlso, if we share the top 10 sessions we attended at Web Summit, you can get the big picture:

  1. Investing in Martech and Adtech
  2. The rise of the digital nomad
  3. Why content creators need Web3
  4. Marketing in 2023
  5. Software may be eating the world, but low code could eat software
  6. Should you go multi-cloud?
  7. The Metaverse and the future the of Internet
  8. Purpose in the age of digital transformation
  9. You only manage what you measure
  10. The revolution will not be reported quarterly


As exciting as it was to learn about all this (and much more!) it was also great to realize that we, at Stellium, are already operating toward this future (and present) time. Not only acting here internally but also enabling our clients to effectively embrace these changes – and digital transformation itself – by creating or migrating their business solutions to meet current trends.

Teaching how to be agile by being agile ourselves. Enabling Power platform or Azure governance by walking the talk every day!


Beyond the buzz

If we were to answer the question “What was one of your key takeaways from the Conference?”  we would say the importance of continuous innovation.

In this increasingly competitive environment innovation is key to standing out. And not just big innovation (creating new channels or new tools, for instance) but also small innovation (the one that happens daily). What truly matters is the capacity to reinvent ourselves to be able to find purpose – impacting users and the community by delivering concrete value with what the business can offer.

Customers pay attention to value and purpose more than ever before. And the uncertain economic context demands brands meet consumers’ concerns and challenges by providing a holistic experience and focusing on diversification.

Impactful brands, customized services, a multimodal approach, and establishing emotional connections by following the users on their behavior while keeping up with their needs it is what is expected from businesses today. And that is also why we, at Stellium, are focusing our service offering on increasingly customized and tailor-made solutions to answer our customers’ challenges.

The world is already user-driven and will be even more in 2023. The businesses that will thrive in the future will be the ones that can balance the data-driven approach with the human-centered one. Engage with users and do more with less while playing a fair and ethical game.

This also applies to the future of coding and development – as everyone can be a developer nowadays by using no-code / low-code software, the human touch will be what truly tells the difference between business solutions. The explosion of citizen development – also a hot topic across sessions and side talks – is already here and we can already understand how the profile of the coder is changing.

Web Summit 2    Web Summit 3

Things never changed so fast and if there is a place where you can really feel this fast pace is at Web Summit! All innovative technologies and concepts are being showcased by all-sized players (it’s not just about the big ones anymore). The future is being showcased just there.

We ended the event by reassuring our mission of being able to go further together with our clients to discover, design, and launch IT solutions that make a positive impact on your business, community, and in the world.

Want to stay competitive and keep up with trends? Now it is the time to work on your 2023 business strategy and we are here to help. Just get in touch!


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