Stellium Sàrl becomes Stellium SA

Mission stage: Upgrade the starship!

Today we are very pleased to officially announce that, as of May 21st 2021, Stellium Sàrl became Stellium SA.

Our office and postal address remain unchanged in Etoy:

Stellium SA

Route Suisse 8A

1163 Etoy (Switzerland)

The objective to become an SA had been envisioned since the beginning of our adventure by the founders. This transformation could only take place if our goals would have been successfully achieved regarding the revenue and growth strategy in the first year. Those goals were achieved, and thanks to our crew, our clients and our partners we made it possible. 🚀

Why did we go through this transformation?

  • Strengthen our vision of a serious and responsible company to reinforce our market presence. Being a Sàrl did not prevent us from engaging with key clients in Switzerland, but for major global companies, procurement processes are more accessible and simplified if we are an SA.
  • Allow the possibility for our crew to invest in Stellium’s capital and become minor shareholders in the organization. This will allow us to identify people in the organization that are willing to go further and invest time in the company’s growth strategy. The administrative procedures for an SA are greatly simplified for purchases and sales of shares within the organization.

This milestone is an achievement part of our growth strategy for the next years of mission. We would like to thank our Crew, our Clients and our Partners for what we have achieved so far. We take your trust and confidence very seriously, and we are sure that together we will go further.

The Stellium Pilots 🚀

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