Stellium is live!

Today we are very proud to announce the launch of our new IT Consulting brand in the french part of Switzerland.

Tiago Duarte, Etienne Marie, Ivan Boscolo (Co-founders)

Why Stellium?

Having several years of experience in the IT consulting business, we always sought to make a strong impact with our work and our contribution to the business growth of our companies.

Throughout these years, we have learned a lot about the things that contribute to a great workplace, and the ones that don’t. Today we wish to continue learning everyday in an environment that fosters passion, creativity and diversity.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.” Simon Sinek

Stellium was born from a common vision and set of values, with the idea of shaping a new brand that identifies and unites us.

Our goal is to make Stellium achieve its potential by sticking to our values, for the sake of our clients and the people that work with us.

Who are we?

Even though each one of us comes from different backgrounds, with different stories to tell, we found ourselves “clicking” from the first time we met.

Not only do we have a strong friendship where our personalities complement each others, but also, we found ourselves sharing the same values and work ethics throughout our experience


We then realized that, those values and methods converged in successful deliveries and implementations.

Now, we see ourselves as problem solvers, focusing on the issues and needs of our clients, leveraging 15 years of experience in IT consulting, having

worked with many different organizations.

We want to expand our team, hiring people that identify themselves with our values and our vision, and that just as us, continuously contribute to both.

What’s our DNA ?

We have several domains of expertise in IT where we can engage from pure consulting to complete implementation, and we have decided to focus our value proposition on 3 main pillars:

  • Identity & Security: Our identity driven security approach protects your digital assets anywhere and anytime. In a boundary-less and interconnected world the identity is the new perimeter to be protected. Our objective is to offer maximum security for your information, devices and data whilst keeping the user experience easy and less dependent on passwords.

  • Tailored integrations: We connect your applications to automate your processes and accelerate your business. Each application has its unique specification and purpose for the companies’ processes. These processes can cross different applications, and tailored integrations can accelerate and simplify them, so you can focus on your business.

  • DevOps & Automation: Complete DevOps approach from development to production, always with an “automate everything” approach. The goal is to ensure complete traceability, monitoring and quality assurance in your solutions’ lifecycle.

Are you interested?

Then follow our company page & feeds on LinkedIn. And also check out our website to get more information about our missions & services.

Let’s go further together!

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What's your Challenge?

We’re not great fans of templates for proposals as our experience taught us that there is no such thing as two clients with exactly the same needs that can be addressed equally.

We want to understand how we can help your business to grow and present you with a customized solution.

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