Stellium completes second orbital mission

Stellium’s 2nd anniversary – Celebrating 2 years of IT consulting.

Mission stage: Celebrating our achievements

This year we wanted to celebrate in style, and therefore we decided to have a short video about our 2-year mission at Stellium. We hope you enjoy it!

Mission stage: A word from our founders

We have asked our founders what does it mean to them to have completed 2 years and how they see the future of the company moving forward.

Etienne Marie, CEO

Already 2 years indeed ! Time flies. Initially, when we launched Stellium in 2020 we had our vision set for the first 3 years with some quite ambitious goals. Looking back, we already went further our initial goals in term of revenue, headcount and also market presence. So what’s next ? Now is the time for us to look even further, start shaping our vision and define where we want to be by 2025. We always had in mind the famous “think big, start small, scale fast”, so now continue to scale is going to be our main goal for the next years to come, first with a particular focus through our Lisbon agency, and bring also complementary expertise and services.

Our company culture is key. I find it really interesting to see it evolving when new crew members are joining, not only do they embrace it, but they also become contributors to its evolution, and they definitely help us in going further together!

Tiago Duarte, CTO

I feel the road that lead us to where we are now was so natural that we didn’t even realize how far ahead we were until we actually looked back and thought – “wow we’ve gone a long way already!” – It’s kind of that feeling when you’re on a beach and you start swimming away from the shore. Your mind is focused on the next stroke, and the next, and then the next. You’re not really worrying about how many strokes you’ve done, or how many you still want to do – you just really enjoy swimming – and that’s how running Stellium feels like. Just a series of strokes that lead us to where we are now.

Technology is expanding at an unprecedent pace and our clients today are demanding more from us than ever before. We are fully committed to continue providing a professional service that sets us apart from the competition and our promise for the next years to come, is to continue being passionate about what we do.

Ivan Boscolo, COO

I have been always keen on taking pictures during all the moments of change that we’ve undertaken during these 2 years: the company opening, moving offices and daily moments. All of this is part already of our story. I was recently scrolling through the phone pictures and I was stunned at seeing the early Stellium pictures again, it seemed another era and a completely different company, yet it’s still us just a couple of years or months ago.

We are born with a common mindset, vision, passion, and real values, this is what unites us today and what makes us stronger to continue achieving together both our goals and the ones of our clients. We will be positively looking at the years to come, we want to change, yet remain the same.

Mission stage: What’s next?

This year we are betting a lot on Portugal. We want to grow our local presence in the country and we’re even expanding our service offering – more news to follow on this.

We want Portugal to become a center of excellence for Stellium’s service offering and to ensure the right level of quality and capacity for our projects.

The Stellium Pilots 🚀

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