Stellium completes first orbital mission

Stellium’s 1st anniversary – Celebrating 1 year of IT consulting in Switzerland.

It has now been a year since we started this adventure and we couldn’t be more excited about what we have achieved.

Mission stage: Launch

At the time of its launch, Stellium had been envisioned and conceptualised in the founder’s minds. The target was clear : build a completely new brand, with no prior links or references, that could establish itself in the Swiss market by providing innovative and creative IT solutions to challenging requirements and demands.

“We are not afraid of complex projects and the visibility they have to our clients’ business. We take each mission as our own and take pride in delivering quality and aiming for success.” – Tiago Duarte, CTO

We also wanted to foster an environment of trust, openness and fulfilment where our team could learn, grow and enjoy their activities at Stellium. We want to unleash their full potential by fostering self-initiative and provide opportunities for each member to take the lead on various domains.

Mission stage: Into Orbit

Our first year of business has been a positive one. We have been able to work with different clients in various projects which provided us with several success stories across different IT and business domains.

We have also doubled in size and we intend to keep this trend for the year 2021. We want to provide enough capacity to the demanding needs of our clients without ever jeopardizing the creativity, reactivity and quality that differentiates us today in the market and which we strive on improving every single day.

“The biggest asset of Stellium is our people and our strong values.” – Etienne Marie, CEO






We guide ourselves with values that we have set for the company and from which we do not stray, no matter what.

Our crew is extremely creative and passionate. We love what we do, and creativity has become a natural result of that approach and of the dedication we apply to everything we create.

Mission stage: What is next?

Looking ahead at our second year of life we have raised the bar even higher. We want to continue growing and become a strong reference for innovative digital solutions.

Gold Microsoft Partnership

We have become a Microsoft gold partner at the beginning of this year and we intend to keep expanding that level to different domains. We are working closely with Microsoft on some exciting topics for our customers such as Artificial Intelligence and Power Platform.

Scaling up and out

2020 has been a year of transformation for many businesses due to the pandemic. Remote working has irrefutably become a norm and will probably remain so for another year to come. With that in mind, we intend to scale up and out to ensure the right level of capacity and expertise to all our existing, and new customers.

We want to increase our existing capacity to deliver and respond to our customers’ needs, while keeping our core values and delivery quality at the heart of everything we do. – Ivan Boscolo, COO


We are working on a podcast format as a way to present company news but also talk about technology trends and stories that we hope will be of value to our audience. Our first episode will arrive later this month and will feature a round table with the founders of Stellium as well as an exciting announcement.

We would like to thank our Crew, our Clients and our Partners for what we have achieved this year. We take your trust and confidence very seriously, and we are sure that together we will go further.

Happy birthday to Stellium! 🚀

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