Stellium at Building the Future – Microsoft event on Digital Transformation (PT)

Stellium at Building the Future – the greatest Microsoft event in Portugal on Digital Transformation where the future trends of technology are set and discussed. It was the event’s 5th edition and we’re sharing our key insights.

Last week Stellium took part in the 5th edition of the event, and it was truly inspiring as well as important for us to strengthen our presence in Portugal.

We got to meet our existing partners in person and network and get to know so many other talented Portuguese companies who can leverage our national Microsoft community.

The IAMCP network in Portugal is awesome and we are soon to be officially part of it and take a step further in establishing Stellium as a competitive Microsoft partner beyond Switzerland.

The event’s agenda was really interesting and insightful talks took place across several stages during the 2 days of the Conference. Here are some main takeaways.

Stellium at Building the Future

Trends & Future

Right at the opening session, Andres Ortolá – General Manager at Microsoft Portugal – reminded the audience of the importance of deeply understanding technology evolution and keeping up to date with progress as individuals and professionals – “AI won’t steal your job but people using it will.”, he said.

There was also an inspiring talk from Rui Silva – Vice-President of Omnichannel Tech at Adidas – that reminded participants about the importance of finding the right balance between digital and physical – mostly when it comes to products. Not everything has to be primarily digital these days and brands must be where their customers want to be met. Digital is not the only channel.

Building The Future

Businesses are concerned about finding the right digital channels and forget about the rest – which is often the core. What about purpose, and meaning? Sometimes is important to just go back to basics and stay simple yet meaningful.


The Future of the Cloud

Stellium at Building the Future

David Carmona, General Manager, Strategic Missions, and Technologies at Microsoft hosted a very interesting talk about the Cloud and shared his vision on how we are so far away from reaching its full potential and usability. “About 2/3 of the Cloud is still to be unlocked.” – he said.

Cloud is all about optimization and 3 key areas are enabling innovation in the Cloud – 5G, Space, and AI.

David focused on the trendiest topic – AI – and explained how the Cloud is enabling AI-as-a-platform to support the new customer experience. “We no longer buy things; we subscribe to things. We want fast solutions, and we want to be free.”


Low-code session                                                                                                                           

A very interesting debate on this topic with the panel entitled – “Low Code – A new paradigm” – started with a controversial statement “No. Not everyone can build an App and, more importantly, not everyone should build an App.”

Going against the general idea that all citizens can be App builders now due to the potential of Low code, speakers reminded us that it’s not that simple. Employees should be trained and guided through the best procedures of the organization. Otherwise, companies will face increasing governance issues and will lose sight of who is building what and for what purpose.

A different perspective on a trendy topic. Low code indeed empowers people and speeds up business development, but it’s important to look at the other side and consider positive and negative consequences.


Building The Future

Stellium at Building the Future 2023 – Wrap-up

This is just the first of many events we are attending this year and we couldn’t have started with a more inspiring one. Stay tuned and join us for the following ones!

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