New mission launch – Brace for Bspacy impact

Stellium launches new digital agency

When we first opened Stellium, 2 years ago, we had a clear mission: we aimed at being the market leader in Microsoft technologies consulting and providing highly specialized and high-quality services to our customers.

Our crew keeps working hard on this mission every day and we’ve been remarkably successful doing so. For that, we are immensely grateful to our existing clients and partners.

Without losing sight of our goals, we realized that there was an area of expertise experiencing high demand from our clients.

To us, it was an uncharted area and yet to be explored. There was no reason to continue being so for 2 main reasons: we have the knowledge in-house and this provides a strong cooperation between this new complementary area and the services we provide today.

We call ourselves creatives, and we have been challenging the status quo but, until today, we were not able to participate in the most creative stages of our customers’ missions such as: the development of a brand; the designing of a website; the user experience definition of a mobile application; the advertisement of a product.

As a company that focuses primarily on the development and implementation of innovative solutions for our customers, we have done our homework and researched the market offering within this area. We can do better. We can go beyond the edge.

João Branco, our head of Portugal, was the first to say so when he joined us in June 2021, to manage our offices and delivery team in Lisbon.

João Branco
Branch Director & Digital Specialist

He has more than 12 years of experience as a digital marketing consultant and web designer. It did not take him long to start providing services in that area to existing (and even new) customers, backed up by a talented team of great and passionate professionals.

An increased demand led us to the question: should we create a new brand around these digital marketing services to complement our IT offering?

The answer was, BSpacy.



Bspacy was born as an answer to our clients’ needs and that ended up defining our mission – to boost business growth through the vastest (and one of the toughest) areas there is today: the digital one.

There are no borders in the digital world. Not even sky is the limit. There is much to explore and Bspacy is providing a range of services to help businesses, regardless of the stage they are at, to do it the smartest way.

Services include Web Designing, Web Development, Copywriting, Social Media management and Digital Marketing done by great professionals with much experience and extremely motivated to be part of this new mission.

We are confident about its success and looking forward to improving our clients’ digital ability and competitiveness, making them stand out from the crowd.

Bspacy is indeed ready to take businesses to an interstellar level and do (good) collateral damage to our clients’ digital universe. Are you ready for the impact? 😊

Check out more about Bspacy on the website and stay tuned to its social media channels where we are keeping you up to date about our new mission.

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