New Launch Pad: Portugal

When we first set out on the mission to create Stellium, there were many ideas at the time that had to be parked aside and prioritized accordingly. Our first year’s budget was supported exclusively by the co-founder’s investment, therefore, the decisions and actions were mostly tactical, even though we knew they were supportive of the strategy we wanted to accomplish.

The year 2020 for us was one of establishment, envision and growth. We were able to create a presence in the Swiss market, and to gain the trust of several customers that are now working with us, in exciting and innovative projects alongside our amazing partners.

The IT consulting domain is a big and deep ocean, and we do know there are some big fishes swimming in it. But, although we are still smaller, we leverage a feature to our advantage: bring a level of agility, reactivity and adaptation that has proven to be our differentiator today at the eyes of our customers.

“Although we are still smaller, we leverage a feature to our advantage: bring a level of agility, reactivity and adaptation that has proven to be our differentiator today at the eyes of our customers.” – Tiago Duarte, CTO

If we are to grow and expand our capacity to more customers, new domains and longer-term missions, we know the values that need to be ensured in this new adventure. It is a challenging process, but one that we are fully ready to embrace this year.

So at the end of last year, we went back to our idea backlog and brainstormed on what could be the next step for Stellium. That next step is Portugal.

We are so excited to announce to our clients and partners that Stellium has been registered in Portugal and is now open for business.

Just like in IT systems, capacity is sometimes a balance between scaling up and scaling out. For us, scaling up means growing our local capacity in Switzerland which is something we want to continue doing to support the local presence requirement of our clients. In turn, by scaling out we take upon a mission to carry our principles and values to a new location while hopefully learning and growing from an exchange of cultural visions and mindsets.

We want to provide competitive consulting services that keep and increase our customer satisfaction ratio while working on innovative, large-scale and long-term projects. While doing this, we want to ensure everyone in the team learns, has fun, and keeps that curiosity and excitement that makes us who we are today.

As we partake in this exciting adventure and become a multinational company, it is time to update some of the elements of our identity. In the following days, our website and the team’s email addresses will have their domain changed from to

This is a statement to our customers and partners that, regardless of where Stellium is located, we work as a single force with a single identity. They should and can expect the same quality and support that we have been providing so far.

We will be sharing more news and photos of our new offices in Portugal in the weeks to come and hopefully, get all the team together really soon (once COVID restrictions are lifted) to celebrate the achievement.

To all our crew in Portugal, a warm welcome. Let’s go further together! 🚀

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