Modern WorkSpace Campaign – it’s a wrap-up 

For the past month of September, we have been communicating about one of the pillars of Stellium’s service offering – The Modern Workplace.  We kicked off this campaign we called Modern WorkSpace with a kind of manifesto that, to us, translates the essence of what we are doing when we deliver these services. 

Here is part of that manifesto that inspired us to do what we did during the last month: 

Modern WorkSpace campaign

Modern Workplace: a not-so-new concept that is somehow interchangeable, challenging the fundamentals of Time and Space. 

Within it, everything is now connected. All we must do is find our way into this new Orbit and follow the right path. 

Take advantage of what is yet to be achieved, understand the challenges, and focus on the benefits of this so-called Modern Workplace. 

Prioritize what is important and give: 

  • Space for collaboration 
  • Space for Communication
  • Space to share our knowledge 
  • Space to grow and expand. 


To people and to businesses. Find your way into the new orbit and get into the Modern WorkSpace. 


With this in mind, we started uncovering its main topics. We drafted, found, and shared some of the best content that is available on this matter, delivered a Webinar on the 5 Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace and how to solve them, and collaborated with partners and clients who are working with us on this service offering. 


Modern WorkSpace Campaign



Active Partnerships during the Modern WorkSpace campaign

Throughout September, we onboarded 2 new partners who act in this area, including: 

  • Mozzaik – an expert on empowering Sharepoint and creating an engaging Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365. Collaboration, communication, and knowledge management are the key pillars of our joint service offering that will enhance the quality and effectiveness of employees’ productivity and work experience.


  • Bindtuning – our first Portuguese partner joining Stellium to reinforce our Modern workplace service offering. ​ Being a highly active member of Microsoft (presidency of the IAMCP in Portugal), Bindtuning provides some of the top-notch Microsoft365 experts to help you improve your workspace, focusing on team collaboration (and more!). 


It was also crucial to count on older partnerships such as the one with CreativMinds with whom we developed our first case study on this service offering (soon to be released). CreativMinds is actively working with us in other projects too as they are experts in digital transformation and change management, one of the most critical areas within the Modern Workplace. 

Also, Appspace (former Beezy) with whom we co-hosted a Webinar on the Top 5 hybrid workplace challenges and how to solve them. Appspace’s platform helps organizations build an exceptional workplace experience with simple communication and space management tools. They we provide global support to thousands of customers and help companies modernize their workplace experience. 

Finally, our main partner: Microsoft. They keep on providing the best content and resources for partners to deliver great campaigns. The content portal Worklab was a true inspiration as were many other publications both on their website and across social media channels.  

Microsoft regularly provides product updates and releases new tools that enable the Modern Workplace and answers the main challenges of employees (and businesses) who are experiencing this unique environment. We posted about 7 Great Updates on Microsoft 365 but there is much more to uncover. 


What is next? 

We could dedicate a year instead of a month to this service offering considering everything there is to say and show about the Modern Workplace. It is a buzzword for many businesses but a concrete reality for Stellium and our clients. 

The Modern WorkSpace is here to stay, and both employees and employers must adapt. Otherwise, it is not possible to grow, stay competitive, and keep up with market trends. The good news is that we are to help and show you that most challenges are more common than you may find them, regardless of the sector where you work.  

Communication issues because the company has diversified sectors, collaboration challenges due to remote work, difficulty in finding and sharing files, poor Intranet, misalignment due to each employee using their own tools and methodologies… just to name a few. 

We have seen (and solved) it all! Do not hesitate to contact Stellium’s crew here. 

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