Manage your return to the workplace with confidence

Who would have thought the year 2020 would bring so many new challenges with the Covid-19 situation, not only in the way we operate our business, but also, the measures we’re all taking to ensure the safety of our employees.

The lockdown and the social distancing measures made most organization’s IT departments work around the clock to enable their workers to carry their tasks remotely and ensure a stable efficiency level.

Thankfully the situation is now starting to stabilize and, depending where you are, it might be time to start planning the strategy for gradually returning to the workplace, and getting ready to go through different stages of your facilities reopening.

It’s time to prepare the strategy to return to the workplace

Is there an IT solution to help your organization manage some of the logistics linked with the return to the workplace?

The answer is yes! And the good news is: you don’t need to start from a blank page.

Microsoft just released a turnkey solution that helps you manage your organization’s return to the workplace strategy. It allows you to: reopen gradually and responsibly, monitor each stage in a smart way and continuously protect your organization with solutions for a safer work environment. The solution is composed by a set of free application packages, fully based on the Microsoft Power Platform that you can deploy and configure directly on your Microsoft Cloud tenant.

What’s included in the solution?

Check out our brief slide deck explaining the current challenges, use cases, and providing a good overview of the solution, to help you understand what’s included and why you need it, to plan and support your facilities reopening stages.


Location Readiness

Quickly determine the readiness of different locations and efficiently manage their safe reopening using critical data like COVID infection rates and supplies availability.

Workplace Care Management

Actively manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from other systems to aid in case management. Dashboards enable monitoring of all solution data.

Employee Health and Safety Management

Keep employees safe and productive with self-service tools that allow them to check into work remotely and self-screen before entering facilities.

How do you get and install the solution?

All the solution packages and related deployment guidelines and documentation are available here.

Assuming you have experience with the Microsoft Power Platform, and all the prerequisites ready (e.g. Microsoft 365 tenant, user licenses for PowerApps and PowerBI, global administrator privileges), the solutions will be simple to install in your own environment.

Alas, when it comes to configuring the solutions to match your organization specific needs, customize the look & feel or extend its architecture to use your own data sources, a higher level of expertise is required.

How can we support you?

At Stellium, we have significant experience when it comes to consulting services and solution architecture on Microsoft Cloud solutions. Specifically with the Power Platform and solutions such as Return to the Workplace, we help our clients in all the project phases:

  1. Understand and Identify the business use cases
  2. Conceptualize and design the target solutions and architectures
  3. Implement proof of concepts and pilots (MVP)
  4. Support the solution rollout
  5. Enhance and extend the solution

Stellium minimum viable product (MVP) methodology

What about you and your company? Are you still working remotely or are you back to the office?

I can tell you that I now feel completely safe to go back to our offices on a regular basis, with my daily pass generated by the return to the workplace solution customized and adapted for Stellium, by Stellium. 😀

Sounds interesting? Would you like to see a demo of the solution? Go ahead and book a free online meeting with us so we can take you through the solution details and key features. You can also contact me directly by mail if you have any questions.

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