Cloud Platform – the healthy choice for IT

Do you know when you go to a supermarket and delight yourself in the Bio / gourmet corridor with all those fresh and supreme products? That corridor defines what the Cloud Platform represents for business operations. It’s where you can find the healthy stuff for IT.

As the world evolves at the fastest pace ever, businesses – and society in general – are faced with environmental challenges that need to be addressed as fast as they arise.

Climate issues are at the center of every discussion, and businesses are no exception. Growing sustainably and responsibly is not only sexy but also crucial to define business success and conquering increasingly concerned and demanding customers.

As Alec Saunders from Microsoft said during the last MS Inspire event, we are all living and working under a sustainability imperative which is a big challenge, but it is also the single biggest economic opportunity that we have ever seen.

Businesses are being pressured to be transparent about their practices as sustainability itself is becoming a valued brand attribute. Not only is it a top-of-mind subject but it is also what allows brands to perform well, by doing good.


The opportunity starts with Data

The shift to more sustainable practices has been happening for a while now. These new sustainable approaches require more data and a reliable way to access them – meaning it requires a cloud platform, considered the main enabler for technological advancements.

Cloud solutions can provide all the backup one needs for data storage, protection, and access. It makes it possible to collect, analyze, and store huge quantities of data, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of IT, data centers, and much more. And that increases business agility.

However, within this data-first approach environment, there are challenges often reported by many of our clients: data management is the biggest pain point, but it is also what clients are seeking for the most as well as automated reporting.

It is crucial to find the right data solutions and work together, as a network, to overcome shared challenges. And that is also why the Cloud is so important.


Microsoft Cloud Platform

Did you know that your business can improve its energy efficiency by up to 93% by using Microsoft Cloud? You can read more about it here – The Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing.

There is always a downside to everything. For Bio and healthy products, it is usually the higher price. For the Cloud platform, it is the power and energy consumption.

However, compared to traditional data centers and other hardware solutions, Cloud providers use efforts like carbon offsets, renewable energy, energy-efficient data centers, and less water usage in cooling systems to reduce emissions.

Below you can check out the range of energy and emissions savings by Azure (Microsoft report of 2020).

“Energy savings” shows the energy savings of the datacenter electricity used in Microsoft Cloud services over the on-premises equivalents and “Emissions savings (with renewables)” shows the emissions savings of the Microsoft Cloud services over the on-premises equivalents, taking into account the purchase of zero-emission renewable electricity to power the Microsoft Cloud.


Cloud Platform

Microsoft’s cloud for sustainability released in July helps companies measure their carbon emissions. Environmentally friendly options usually take fewer resources to run and are also a great marketing tactic to promote the business.


What is next for Cloud platform sustainability?

The sudden interest in more environmentally friendly cloud environments comes as shareholders, customers, and employees increase demand for companies to prioritize sustainability. – according to this article on Business Insider.

The definition of business success will include a green and sustainable relevant metric soon (it does now but the need will increase). Sustainability is the right business – and it is also good for the planet.

Cloud providers all over the world are competing on not only price and technological prowess but also environmental friendliness.

At Stellium, it is crucial for us to leverage sustainable solutions and to work with partners that are aligned with that concern. That is also why we use Microsoft services to empower our customers across Europe.

Through our Cloud Platform service, we help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and opt for environmentally friendly solutions that will keep the business strong and healthy.


Starting your green Cloud journey today is as simple as getting in touch with the team here.

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