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Nowadays with remote work, employees ideas and interactions may get lost. Technology is at the center of our ways of working, and we can and must use it to boost the work environment and promote collaboration and ideation from our employees.

At Stellium we care about employees opinions and we want to promote interaction between everyone, without any consideration of hierarchy. The solution we present to you in this article was developed for a client, and considering the idea we decided to adopt it in our own organization to empower employees ideas.

Aimed with Power Apps for Teams and Dataverse for Teams, we started from the “Employee Ideas” Microsoft template and developed our own reality culminating in Spark.


Spark overview

Employees : The coolest part is that everyone is undercover!

You don’t have to feel afraid of sharing your ideas. Employees will create a personal avatar and nickname when logging in the first time!


After you have your disguise you can start sharing your ideas on the active challenges, voting and comment other ideas.


Finally, to have a higher rate of the application adoption and usage, we suggest you to pin your application on the left bar on Teams so all employees have a direct access to it!

This can also be achieved by pushing the App to all your users using a teams app policy.

To conclude, it’s important to highlight that the entire solution was created without any additional licensing plan. This shows up the huge batch of opportunities companies can explore with the Power Platform, specificaly Dataverse for Teams and their standard licenses.

Hopefully, this article was a good example of how to boost your ideas and explore the potential of the Power Platform. At Stellium we can help you to transform those ideas into reality!

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