Digital Workplace – easier said than done 

There’s no way around working within a digital workplace these days. Think about your day-to-day at work.

Regardless of where you are working from, pretty much all you do (if not all) is done digitally, right? Very few sectors rely on manual procedures and, even those who do, are somehow assisted, or monitored by digital platforms or tools at some moment.

What varies is the complexity of each which is mostly correlated with the dimension of the organization itself. But even taking the latter into consideration, the challenges of working in this environment are common.

Let’s dig into it.


Should we ask what makes a digital workplace work or the other way around? 

As the digital workplace becomes increasingly integral to business, it’s important to understand what makes it work and why. 

One of the most important aspects of a digital workplace is the ability for employees to access their tools from anywhere. This is especially true in a hybrid environment, where employees are using both on-premises software and cloud-based software.  

The challenge with this is that you need to make sure your network is secure enough to keep your data safe while allowing users access to that data wherever they need it. But safety is not the only challenge. 

No need to jump straight to the deep and scientific research on this topic. Look around you and consider your own experience: what are the challenges you keep facing daily?  

  • Probably your colleague, who is working on the same project as you are, is writing his to-do list on the desktop notepad and you lose sight of what is there to do because each of you is using a different tool and/or methodology.
Shadow IT
Source: Beezy / Appsource Report
  • Or someone who is working from home is experiencing a bad internet connection which affects an important meeting with a client, thus affecting the work itself? 
  • Or do you need to access a specific document fast and spend hours trying to find where it is stored because your digital workspace looks like an online jungle with docs and files all over? 


Finding documents
Source: Beezy / Appsource Report


Does any of the above sound familiar? Yes, we have all experienced it at some point.

These are only a few of the challenges associated with the modern Digital Workplace but there are more. Some may sound irrelevant or minor hassles, but it truly depends on where you are working (and with who).

Take the 3rd example, for instance. If you’re working in a hospital and you need to access a patient file rapidly it’s crucial that the work environment is extremely well organized and that everyone is aligned on where what is (and who can access it). This can be truly a lifesaver act. 

File Sharing tools are indeed considered to be the focus for companies, according to what most employees answered in Beezy’s research. Secondly are communication tools and third collaboration tools – can you relate to the examples mentioned in the bullet points above? 

There are no coincidences. We are all experiencing the same at different levels and that’s why these issues mustn’t be ignored by companies. 

Effective remote workers
Source: Beezy / Appsource Report


How to be successful in the digital workplace and who is leading the path? 

You can get to know more about specific enterprises that are already solving these problems successfully and understand how they are doing it in this Webinar fully dedicated to this topic taking place next September 15th (online). 

It’s co-organized by Appspace and Stellium Consulting, two experienced key players in addressing the digital workplace’s challenges and well as facilitating its implementation and optimization. 

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