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Stellium opens new digital agency to focus on digital marketing and internet branding to help its customers establish their presence and story. (…)
We celebrate Stellium’s 2nd birthday, and look back on what has been those two years of IT Consulting. (…)
Nowadays with remote work, employees ideas and interactions may get lost. Technology is at the center of our ways of working, and we can and must use it to boost the work environment and promote collaboration and ideation from our employees. At Stellium we care about employees opinions and we want to promote interaction between everyone, without any consideration of hierarchy. The solution we present to you in this article was developed for a client, and considering the idea we decided to adopt it in our own organization to empower employees ideas. (…)
Stellium Partners with Dathena, to help enforce secured collaboration for our clients using AI driven data security. (…)
GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation, it is a European Union law created to protect personal data to be collected and used without the user’s consent. In this article, we will describe the required steps to be GDPR Compliant when we are talking about collecting, storing, and using user data. Also, as GDPR Compliance is a whole new world with its own semantics, huge attention will be given to the terminologies that we usually find when talking about consent management. (…)
Microsoft Inspire had a few, but groundbreaking news. Especially the one announcing the next step in hybrid workplace: Windows 365. (…)
Today we are very pleased to officially announce that, as of May 21st 2021, Stellium Sàrl became Stellium SA. (…)
On May 4th, in a galaxy far far away, Stellium crew connected to earth with a mission; to check Microsoft Business Applications Summit and get aware of the new features and announcements. With lots of presentations, table talks, ask the experts live events, challenges and news to digest, there are lots of things to unpack! To save you some time we bring you some of the key highlights of the event. Fasten your seatbelt! 🚀 (…)
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